How to clean your glasses


Your glasses will last longer and feel more comfortable with proper care. Avoid taking the glasses off with one hand as this can cause them to twist and place stress on the frame. Protect your glasses by returning them to their case when not in use and never lay the frames down on their lenses. We also recommend keeping an old pair of glasses as a spare pair in case of an emergency. Most importantly don't give them to young children to play with, they are not a toy.


Dirt, dust and tiny scratches can reduce the clarity of your lenses. We recommend cleaning your lenses regularly. Never rub your lenses when they are dry. The dust and dirt becomes an abrasive compound that can damage your lenses even more. Use warm soapy water to wash the dust and dirt off and then dry with a recommended cleaning cloth.

An alcohol based cleaning solution is best for cleaning lenses with an anti-reflective coating. The alcohol content helps the solution evaporate from the lenses leaving no smudges or marks.

At Focal Point we stock all the recommended cleaning products.


Don't panic! If you are wise you will always have an emergency pair of glasses. At Focal Point we offer a comprehensive repair service. If your frame breaks or a screw comes loose, we will do our best to fix it. Unfortunately not all breakages are repairable.

All frames purchased at Focal Point have an exclusive 2 year warranty. Should your frame break under normal wearing conditions we will repair it of replace it for free. This warranty does not cover loss or theft. Included with your purchase are free adjustments and ultrasonic cleaning for the life of your frame.