Choosing the right frame


We stock all the latest fashion frames and styles in a range of colours. If we don't have it, we will do our best to get it in for you. All our frames come with a 2 year warranty . Our friendly team will help you find what your looking for and offer professional advice


There is only one way to choose a pair of frames...try them on. Shapes and colours are changing all the time so they will be quite different to what you are use to. The first thing to consider is the image you want to portray. Frames should reflect your personality! Ask yourself the following questions.

Do I want to make a statement? - Hey, look at me!; professional; sporty; intellectual...etc

Do I do a lot of physical activity and sports when wearing glasses?

There are glasses frames that are suitable for all of the above. It is good to have an idea of what you want, or else it will make choosing a frame very difficult. Some people prefer to bring in a friend or partner when choosing a new frame.


1) Choose the frame on shape and style first. Most frames come in 4-5 different colours which we can order in for you. It would be impossible to displays all the colours.

2) We normally suggest that the top of the frame runs parallel with your eyebrows so there is no conflict in visual lines. For example if you have flat eyebrows a flatter frame up top will be better suited to your face. The frame's arms should also run parallel to the side of your head. The arms should not flare in or out. Frames are also available in different sizes if you have a slightly larger or smaller head.

3) The frame should be comfortable. If it doesn't feel comfortable it may just be a case of adjusting the nose pads or arms

4) Lastly, we need to look at the colour. Choosing a colour is personal. Your hair colour and the clothes you wear can often determine the colour of your frame. Dark coloured hair and complexion generally suits darker coloured frames and vica versa for lighter coloured hair and complexion.

5) When your glasses are collected our qualified staff will fit and adjust the glasses to suit your face. When you purchase a pair of glasses from Focal Point you are entitled to free adjustments for the lifetime of your frame.

If you have no idea what looks good, consult with our experienced staff. Remember they look at frames on people all day long and know what looks good.

Good luck!