Our Professional & Ethical Promise

Over the last few years we have noticed a growing trend in the field of optometry. The professional and ethical standards have dropped in the industry. Because of the lowering standards it is important that Focal Point Optometrists make you aware of what is happening and as a professional, distance ourselves from this trend.

That's why we have created a Professional and Ethical Promise to reassure you, that you will receive the professional and ethical service you are entitled too.

Why is this happening?

The old saying goes....'Nothing is for FREE'. You may think you are getting something for nothing but there is a price to pay for everything. A number of optometrists are offering services for free or at a considerably reduced rate. Because of this, they have to generate income by selling product. We have seen a growing number of distressed people coming into Focal Point Optometrists for a professional second opinion with spectacles they don't need, incorrect product and unreliable results from partial examinations. In the end it has cost them more financially and not to mention the emotional stress.

Some unfortunate cases include:

- People who are prescribed spectalces by other optometrists, come and tell us they don't work and never wear them. After a quick test we tell them they don't need glasses or they have the wrong prescription in their spectacles.

- Elderly sold spectacles when clearly they need cataract surgery.

- 19 year old up sold spectacles with expensive progressive lenses that are designed for 40+ year old people with Presbyopia.

- A young patient sold spectacles after complaining of headaches. After 3 months of continuous headaches a visit to Focal Point Optometrist identified a tumour at the back of their eye and the patient rushed to hospital the next day.

Our Promise to you...

At Focal Point Optometrists we don't have sales targets. We don't have shareholders that demand profit increases year on year. What we do have is pride and the high ethical standards that we stand by. Knowing we have done the right thing for our clients is more gratifying than the bottom line.

We will not sell you spectacles if you don't need them. We will provide you with the best eye care and advice we can offer. We will help you understand and answer any questions you have about your vision. We want you to have the confidence and trust, knowing you are receiving the best eye care and advice that you are paying for.