My Childs Eyesight

80% of your child's learning is visual. It is important to look after your child's eyesight.

It is difficult to know whether your child's vision is okay, as a child will rarely complain. Children will often adjust and don't realise that they should be seeing things more clearly. It is important as a a parent to look out for signs that may give you an indication that your child may have a vision problem.

Signs to look out for include

- Holding reading material closer than normal
- The use of a finger to maintain his/her position when reading
- Losing their position on a page
- Rubbing their eyes frequently
- Has headaches
- Turns or tilts their head so that they are using one eye
- Performs below their potential
- Bumping into or tripping over things

If you have any concerns tell our optometrist about the symptoms your child may be displaying.