Contact Lens Procedure

The fee for fitting contact lenses varies due to the type of lens, but the following appointments are necessary for each lens type and are included in the initial starting cost.

Includes checking the prescription and health of the eyes, some contact lens measurements and a general 'chat' about contact lenses.

2. TOLERANCE TEST (or Contact Lens Fitting)
This requires two appointments, several hours apart. During the first of the appointments contact lenses (based on earlier measurements) are placed on the eyes. When the eyes have 'settled' the fit of the lenses is evaluated. If the lenses fit satisfactorily they remain on the eyes until the second appointment. Here the longer term fit and the final prescription is decided.

The insertion and removal, cleaning, care and the handling of the lenses is demonstrated. When you are proficent at this you will take the lenses home.

4. AFTERCARES (or Check-ups)
These appointments are complusory and very important to maintain the health of your eyes. They are also designed to check that you are coping with your contact lenses and if there are any problems they are dealt with. There will be two scheduled aftercare appointments, at two and six weeks after collection. However, if you are having problems, then all additional aftercares are included in the starting package for up tp three months from the collection date.

A starter kit of contact lens solutions and cleaners.


Adult $328

Student $295


The cost of contact lenses varies depending on what type of lenses you wear. Discussions with our optometrist about how often you wish to wear the lenses and in what situation ie. for sports or social occasions only, will help in determining whether you should be fitted with daily, two weekly, monthly or conventional contact lenses. Daillies can cost from $2 a day or if you are fitted with extended wear lenses that you sleep in, it can be little as $1.40 a day. For these types of lenses you are paying for convenience. Disposable contact lenses that you take out each day are even more cost effective, although you have the task of cleaning the lenses. Discuss with our optometrists the right contact lenses for you.